There are times in life when faith puts someone in your way and there’s nothing that will keep you apart from that someone. This is exactly what happened to Ryan Sesselman when he went to visit a local adoption event and fell in love with a little puppy. However, Ryan needed to do something incredible before being able to adopt the puppy.

20. Ryan Sesselman

Our story starts when the 19-years-old Ryan Sesselman goes to check out a local adoption event. Ryan didn’t plan to adopt a puppy, but everything changed when he met this little pupper.

19. His Mother Doesn’t Allow It

Even though Ryan fell in love with Milli and wanted to adopt her, his mother didn’t allow it. Ryan kept asking for permission until his mother came up with an “impossible” challenge that he needed to complete in order to let him adopt Milli. Keep reading to find out what the challenge is.

18. The Impossible Challenge

As you can clearly see from Ryan’s messages to his mom, the woman really didn’t want to have a puppy around the house. Getting one million retweets is not possible unless you are a celebrity with a massive fan following, but Ryan was not ready to give up.

17. Not Giving Up

Even though getting one million retweets seemed to be impossible, Ryan was determined to adopt Milli and to give her a home. Although, this wasn’t the only reason why Ryan wanted to adopt Milli…

16. Live A Normal Life

The man didn’t want Milli to keep living behind a steel cage and he wanted the little doggy to have a normal life. Nonetheless, let’s see if Ryan managed to complete his mother’s challenge.

15. One Million Retweets

Ryan didn’t waste any time and he created a compilation of pictures and posted them on Twitter. However, getting one million retweets wasn’t easy and Ryan only got a couple thousand during the first day. Do you think he managed to get one million?

14. Stadiums Full Of People

Ryan basically needed to convince stadiums full of strangers to retweet his post so that he could adopt Milli. Would you ever be able to get so many retweets?

13. He Did It!

Even though it took a couple of days, Ryan’s story went viral and he got all the retweets he needed! What do you think his mother thought about this? Did she allow him to adopt Milli?

12. Unbelievable!

This should come as no surprise, but Ryan’s mother couldn’t believe that he actually managed to get one million retweets. However, Milli’s cuteness quickly won her over and she was more than happy to welcome the little pup into her house.

11. Thanking His Followers

Ryan knows that he wouldn’t be able to save Milli without the help of his followers and he made a special post to thank them for their support. Getting one million retweets without a huge fan base is truly incredible.

10. Sweet Dreams

Milli finally had a place to call home and a comfortable couch to sleep in. The little pup was no longer held behind a steel cage and she had Ryan to thank for.

9. Tired Puppy

Ryan says that Milli was so excited to be adopted that she kept running around her new house until she fell asleep. Now, this is how you can tell that the puppy is excited about her new owner.

8. Cutie Pie

Milli is a cutie pie and there’s no doubt about that! Everybody who visited Ryan’s house fell in love with Milli, but who can blame them?

7. Meant To Be

Ryan believes that faith brought him to the local adoption event and that crossing paths with Milli was meant to be. The two make a perfect pair and there’s no doubt about that.

6. A Normal Life

All that really matters is that Milli is now going to live a normal life and that she will never have to worry about being hungry or not having a place to sleep anymore. Ryan is making sure that Milli is taken care of.

5. Delicious Treats

Ryan knows that Milli’s life was rough until he met her and Ryan makes sure to give her lots of delicious treats hoping to help her forget about her troubled past.

4. Sleeping Together

Ryan says that one of the most adorable things about having Milli around the house is that she always sleeps with him. The little puppy feels safe at his side.

3. Belly Rubs

As you can clearly tell from this picture, Milli loves getting rubs. The puppy didn’t get too much attention while living at the animal rescue center, but she is getting all the love and affection she needs now that Ryan adopted her.

2. Incredible Turn Of Events

I think it’s safe to say that Ryan’s mother never expected him to get one million retweets. The woman was not prepared to have a little puppy around the house, but there’s nothing she can do about it now that Ryan completed his impossible challenge.

1.Adopting A Puppy

Isn’t it incredible how quickly Ryan’s mother fell in love with Milli? Even though she didn’t want the puppy at first, Milli grew on her.