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You’re always warned that tattoos are permanent, so make sure you’re sure you know what you want to get. However, they don’t tell you that they can easily be covered up if you change your mind. Well, these unfortunate people had to have their tattoos covered up after breaking up with their exes.

Counting Down

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They say that the sixth time is the charm! Not only does this keep a running tally for all the women he has loved, but it’s a constant reminder to his current girlfriend of all his past loves. We can only imagine the problems that causes in the relationship.


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Most people choose to cover up the name of their ex when they get it tattooed on their bodies. Well, the new boyfriend clearly wanted to one-up the ex. So, she added “is nothing on Ryan Wilson” under her ex’s name.

San Fran

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It’s a good thing this guy’s favorite city is San Francisco. Otherwise he would have had to find another clever way to cover up Francesca.

The Cover Up

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Thanks to this little stick man painter, this guy doesn’t have to see the name of his ex anymore. This clever cover up isn’t only funny, but it does the job.

The Mistake

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Have you ever called your new girlfriend by your old girlfriend’s name? Yeah, not cool. Well, this guy decided to make a joke out of with his tattoo cover up.

Batman Saves the Day

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When you’re in trouble, just call Batman and he will be there to save you. This guy really needed some help forgetting about his ex girlfriend, so he decided to ask Batman to give him a hand.

Lost in the Woods

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It looks like Coralie got a little lost in the woods after the breakup. This tattoo artist did a great job! You can’t even tell her name was ever there.

Your Name

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Well if this guy’s heart wasn’t broken, then he has a very dry sense of humor. Let this be a warning to all future ex girlfriends.

Not Frog Prince

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How do you cover up your ex’s name when it’s tattooed in green? You put a frog over it, of course!

Planet of the Exes

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It’s much harder to cover up your ex’s face when it’s tattooed on your body. However, this guy had the genius idea to make his ex’s face into a gorilla. What an insulting cover up.

Kelsey Grammer

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It’s a good thing this guy likes Cheers and Frasier and that his ex’s name was Kelsey. After breaking up with Kelsey, he could then show his love for his favorite actor.

True Colors

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It seems to be a trend to cover up your ex’s face with something insulting. This guy decided to turn Kim’s face into a scary looking Medusa. At least it worked!

Sports Fanatic

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This simple tattoo that said “Chris” with an outlined basketball was soon covered up by a football helmet after a breakup. At least they kept with the sports theme.

The Ultimate Cover Up

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Just make it go away! Even though this girl doesn’t have to look at her ex’s face every day since it’s on her back shoulder, she wanted it covered up completely. The tattoo artist did just that. We can only imagine how much it hurt.

The Dark Night Rises

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When Kayleigh breaks your heart, you know what you do to get over it? Get an intricate picture of Batman tattooed over her name. That’s how you get over a breakup.

It’s Designer

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Everyone loves a good designer. This guy especially loves Ralph Lauren after he broke up with his girlfriend Lauren. Maybe Ralph will even sponsor him for the tat.

Much Prettier

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We absolutely love this cover up tattoo. It’s a good thing Chris is an ex or else this beautiful tattoo never would have made its way on this girl’s body.


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Well this relationship is officially done and over with. Tara Lynn is officially void from this man’s life. Better luck next time!


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We love how when people cover up tattoos of their ex’s names with more intricate and beautiful tattoos. It’s like they were meant to have the cover up tattoo this whole time.

Into the Woods

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It doesn’t look like Chloë is going to find herself out of these woods any time soon. That is some intense cover up work.

Devil in Disguise

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This must have been a pretty bad breakup for this guy to get a devil tattoo to cover up the face of his ex-girlfriend. Well, they do say that sometimes the devil is in disguise.

Brushed Away

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First, let’s talk about that incredibly long name. Who would go through the pain of getting such a long name tattooed on their arm? Oh, someone in love. Well, we applaud this girl for getting this gorgeous cover up.

Mary or Marge

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What a coincidence that this guy loves The Simpsons and that his ex’s name is Mary. We wonder if Mary is jealous of Marge at all.

Death to Love

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How is that the cover up tattoos always look better than the original tat? This Grim Reaper is absolutely incredible! You can’t tell there was ever a sweet looking girl on this guy’s shoulder.

Diamond in the Rough

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Luckily this girl was able to keep her beloved diamond, but added a little more girly flair to it. Forget Isaac, let’s put a bow on this sparkling gem!

Classic Feather

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It seems that the easiest way to cover up someone’s name is to get a feather over it. We love how cute it looks and how well it covers up the name.

Incredible Work

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You have bad tattoo artists and then you have incredibly talented tattoo artists. This is the work of an incredibly talented tattoo artist. We are still trying to figure out how they were able to get rid of the name so well.

Flaming Feather

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Let this be a lesson, you can always get a feather cover up tattoo over your ex’s name if you break up. Although, we definitely don’t recommend getting your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name tattooed on your body until you make a firm commitment to each other.

More Feathers

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Once again, we have the feather cover up. Although, these feathers do look absolutely beautiful and so realistic.

Showing Her True Colors

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Yikes! We sure hope she doesn’t run into her ex and sees his tattoo cover up of her face. That is just another fight waiting to happen.

Goodbye Jane

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We are loving this cover up tattoo. Rather than having a crappy red heart and his ex’s name, he chose to go with a trendy pattern that completely covers up his mistake of a girlfriend.

The Scribble

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Remember when your teacher told you not to write in pen because you can’t go back and change your mistakes? This guy proved all teachers wrong. Just go back and scribble it out. It’s easy!

Whole New Person

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This guy decided to cover up his ex girlfriend’s face with his current girlfriend’s face. Just kidding. But his cover up tattoo is exceptionally beautiful.

Stacy Who?

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This guy went big trying to cover up his “Stacy” tattoo. However, we really love this beautiful face he decided to get instead.

Pete Davidson

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We all know the story of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande. Well, after their broken off engagement, Pete decided to get his tattoos of Ari covered up with this beautiful forest scene.

Amber Rose

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After her marriage to Wiz Khalifa ended she decided to cover up the tattoo of his face on her arm with the face of Slash from Guns ‘n Roses. You may think she even dated him for a while with this tat.

Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner had a simple “T” on her ankle for her ex boyfriend Tyga. When they broke up, she decided to add to it and make it say “LA.” It’s a good thing she lives in California.

Kaley Cuoco

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After divorcing her husband of just two years, Kaley Cuoco decided to cover up the Roman numerals she had on the back of her neck with a butterfly. She even wrote on social media, “Note to self – do not mark your body with any future wedding dates.”

Angelina Jolie

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Remember when Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton were married? Yeah, it was a while ago. Well, she had to cover up her “Billy Bob” tattoo on her arm after they divorced. She covered it up with the coordinates of where her children were born.