The just released brand-new RG model kit for the Hi-Nu Gundam is incredibly detailed. It is one of the most advanced kits, with great features and internal frames. These are plastic mobile suits based on the Gundam anime series. They are classified, with the most common grade being RG. This paper reviews RG Hi-Nu Gundam and explains why it is the best manga. 

Is RG Gundam worth your money? 

Any hobby that allows you to construct objects and watch buildings take shape is always fun and a great diversion from stress and daily life. While Real Grade kits are complex and have numerous small parts, making them time-consuming to assemble, they are well worth the effort. The satisfaction of displaying your Gundam model and the enjoyment of exercising your brain while putting it together outweigh the strain of working on one for hours or even days. 

Many people believe that the RG Nu Gundam is one of the best Gundam releases. The design of this RG Gundam is well done. Its big process is easy, and it comes with a good arsenal. Find your favorite RG Gundam model kits at usagundamstore. 

Kit review 

This mobile suit’s RG Gundam Gundam is head-and-shoulders above the others for a first build. It is an MS-piloted project with an advanced MS joint that enables you to maintain the shape of the fin funnel. It also comes with several weapons and interchangeable hands. The Advanced MS Joint is used for the fin funnels rather than the mobile suit’s main body. 

It’s amazing, so intricate, and such eye candy. Everything appears to be in order, from the panel lines to the markings. It’s understandable why the announcement of the RG Hi-Nu Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack: Beltorchika’s Children caused such a stir. 

Features of the Hi-Nu Gundam 

This kit is one of the best since it is constructed and enhanced using the same engineering as its predecessor. Along with its usual arsenal of weapons and accessories, the Hi-Nu Gundam also has a weapon holder piece. Additionally, the fin funnels are detachable and deployable. 

Real Grade is renowned for using several tones to represent a single color. Therefore, the shield and fin funnels benefit greatly from the simplified digital camouflage patterns. The head, shoulders, front skirts, inner arms, and some legs are white with a slight grayish tint. It also looks great with the gold accents on the joints and leg vents. You will like the proportions of this kit. 

If you didn’t know, the original Hi-Nu Gundam design by Yutaka Izubuchi had bulkier proportions. Later, he created a much slimmer redesign used in the HGUC and initial Master Grade releases. The Robot Spirits and Metal Robot Spirits figures are the only way to represent the original Hi-Nu Gundam at this scale before this kit. However, considering how similar the RG and HGUC kits are, the RG is also based on the original design, given its larger proportions. The stark contrast in detail between the two kits is also apparent.  


The RG Hi-Nu Gundam is better than the original RG Nu Gundam in design and features. The most impressive design is the blue-white color scheme and the pack on the back. Despite sharing the same blue-white color scheme as the Yutaka Izubuchi-rendition sensei, the RG Hi-Nu resembles the Hajime Katoki-design sensei more.  

A notable redesign feature of the Hi-Nu Gunda machine is the better color separation of the shield and funnels. Orange parts are also redesigned and painted metallic. 

Build quality 

Similarly to the new generation RG models, the RG Hi-frame Nu’s is fully assembled, making it incredibly sturdy and detailed. All the components are completely separated in this kit, particularly the funnels. Given that there are so many parts, it can be exhausting. Also, its under-gate parts make up the majority of its armor.  

The legs can move more freely, and the arm beam gun has a gimmick that extends when the wrist is depressed. Furthermore, it has adjustable neckline components, while its container is fitted with a trick that enlarges the fin funnel to give it the appearance of wings.  


The kit itself has good articulation and stays a solid kit to pose. These flight poses are made possible by the accommodate articulation, front armor sliding sideways, and lower back armor of the head unit sliding upward. Some features integrated here are only seen in the Robot Spirits figures, making this one of the best grades of all time. 

For example, you can push out the front and two side skirts for better leg movement. The new design of the lumber armor ensures that the connection joint won’t obstruct leg movement. Also, the exhaust at the top of each wing allows for simultaneous upward and downward movement of all joints of the funnels with the pack. 

There are no concerns because they are incredibly strong and flexible. A unique feature is that when the knees are bent, it reveals extremely fine details inside. This kit’s “multi-link gimmick” allows it to be extremely articulated despite its larger proportions; when the joints are moved, the corresponding armor slides, revealing some of its internal workings. For example, you can achieve bold poses by swinging the upper waist upward and downward. 


This RG Hi-Nu Gunmad kit has numerous gimmicks. For example, you can see the details inside the armor by opening the calves, shoulders, and cockpit armor. The kit also allows the opening of the cockpit door. Each wing conceals two beam sabers, one mounted inside the left arm. You find a retractable machine gun on the right wing, while there is a 7.8 MW beam cannon with four missiles behind the shield. 


Some accessories include a Vulcan gun, beam rifle, shield, hyper bazooka, beam saber, machine gun, and fin funnel. The only drawback of this RG Hi-Ni is that the Fin funnels cannot fully fold when mounted on the pack. Bandai doesn’t have bases and effects of using for Fin funnels. This appears to be caused by the pack’s joint part being too tight, which prevents proper folding because the joint shrinks. 

Bottom line 

The RG Hi-Nu Gundam’s amplitude is superior to the RG Nu Gundam’s. It has become one of the hottest kits in the gunpla community. Based on the list of features and benefits, it merits the honor of being the greatest RG ever.  

If you love Amuro and the Gundam series, consider adding this to your collection. You can also purchase the HGUC Nightingale kit for a complete Beltorchika’s Children display. For example, display the RG Hi-Nu Gundam alongside its adversary, the HGUC Nightingale. Since the first release is often limited, you may not be able to fill all the orders simultaneously during the initial release.