Afferent fiber

afferent fiber

afferent fiber n.
Any of the nerve fibers that convey impulses to a ganglion or to a nerve center in the brain or spinal cord.


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  • Afferent nerve

    afferent nerve afferent nerve n. A nerve conveying impulses from the periphery to the central nervous system. Also called centripetal nerve.

  • Afferent vessel

    afferent vessel afferent vessel n. An artery conveying blood to a part. A lymphatic vessel entering a lymph node. The arteriole that enters a renal glomerulus.

  • Afferent-loop syndrome

    afferent-loop syndrome afferent-loop syndrome n. Chronic obstruction of the duodenum and jejunum after gastrojejunostomy, resulting in abdominal distention and pain.

  • Affettuoso

    with affection and tenderness (a musical direction). a composition or movement of gentle, tender character. adjective, adverb (music) with feeling

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