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  • Baseball glove

    a padded, leather covering for the hand, having a pocket in the area over the palm, webbing between the sections for the thumb and forefinger, and either separate sections for each finger or sections for more than one finger: used by baseball players in the field for catching batted or thrown balls. Compare mitt (def […]

  • Walter map

    noun 1. Walter, c1140–1209? Welsh ecclesiastic, poet, and satirist. noun 1. a diagrammatic representation of the earth’s surface or part of it, showing the geographical distributions, positions, etc, of natural or artificial features such as roads, towns, relief, rainfall, etc 2. a diagrammatic representation of the distribution of stars or of the surface of a […]

  • Beryl

    a mineral, beryllium aluminum silicate, Be 3 Al 2 Si 6 O 18 , usually green, but also blue, rose, white, and golden, and both opaque and transparent, the latter variety including the gems emerald and aquamarine: the principal ore of beryllium. a female given name. Contemporary Examples How Sherlock Holmes Took on the Capitalists […]

  • Type vi mucopolysaccharidosis

    type VI mucopolysaccharidosis n. See Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome.

  • Oregon

    [awr-i-guh n, ‐gon, or‐] /ˈɔr ɪ gən, ‐ˌgɒn, ˈɒr‐/ noun 1. a state in the NW United States, on the Pacific coast. 96,981 sq. mi. (251,180 sq. km). Capital: Salem. Abbreviation: Oreg., Ore., OR (for use with zip code). 2. a city in NW Ohio. /ˈɒrɪɡən/ noun 1. a state of the northwestern US, on […]

  • Injure

    [in-jer] /ˈɪn dʒər/ verb (used with object), injured, injuring. 1. to do or cause harm of any kind to; damage; hurt; impair: to injure one’s hand. 2. to do wrong or injustice to. 3. to wound or offend: to injure a friend’s feelings. /ˈɪndʒə/ verb (transitive) 1. to cause physical or mental harm or suffering […]

  • Betamethasone

    a synthetic analogue of a glucocorticoid, C 22 H 29 FO 5 , used in various forms in the treatment of inflammation, allergies, and tumors, and for replacement therapy in adrenal insufficiency.

  • Handiness

    [han-dee] /ˈhæn di/ adjective, handier, handiest. 1. within easy reach; conveniently available; accessible: The aspirins are handy. 2. convenient or useful: A typewriter is a handy thing to have in the house. 3. skillful with the ; deft; dexterous: a handy person. 4. easily maneuvered: a handy ship. /ˈhændɪ/ adjective handier, handiest 1. conveniently or […]

  • Coupled rhythm

    coupled rhythm n. See bigeminal rhythm.

  • Wifed

    noun, plural wives [wahyvz] /waɪvz/ (Show IPA) 1. a married woman, especially when considered in relation to her partner in marriage. 2. a woman (archaic or dial., except in idioms): old wives’ tale. verb (used with or without object), wifed, wifing. 3. Rare. wive. Idioms 4. take to wife, to marry (a particular woman): He […]

  • Skunk-works

    Trademark. 1. engineering, technical, consulting, and advisory services with respect to designing, building, equipping, and testing commercial and military aircraft and related equipment at Lockheed Martin Corporation. noun 2. (usually lowercase). Also, skunk works, skunkworks [skuhngk-wurks] /ˈskʌŋkˌwɜrks/ (Show IPA). Slang. an often secret experimental laboratory or facility for producing innovative products, as in the computer […]

  • Patrilineal

    [pa-truh-lin-ee-uh l, pey-] /ˌpæ trəˈlɪn i əl, ˌpeɪ-/ adjective 1. inheriting or determining descent through the male line. /ˌpætrɪˈlɪnɪəl/ adjective 1. tracing descent, kinship, or title through the male line adj. 1904, from patri- + lineal. patrilineal pat·ri·lin·e·al (pāt’rə-lĭn’ē-əl) adj. Relating to, based on, or tracing ancestral descent through the paternal line. patrilineal [(pat-ruh-lin-ee-uhl)] Tracing […]

  • Synoscheos

    synoscheos syn·os·che·os (sĭn-ŏs’kē-ŏs’) n. Partial or complete adhesion of the penis and scrotum.

  • Oversee

    [oh-ver-see] /ˌoʊ vərˈsi/ verb (used with object), oversaw, overseen, overseeing. 1. to direct (work or workers); supervise; manage: He was hired to oversee the construction crews. 2. to see or observe secretly or unintentionally: We happened to oversee the burglar leaving the premises. He was overseen stealing the letters. 3. to survey or watch, as […]

  • James-breasted

    James Henry, 1865–1935, U.S. archaeologist and historian of ancient Egypt.