• Composting Toilet

    Composting toilet is a toilet that do not use any water. This type of toilet is a dry toilet. The toilet processes the human excreta by using harsh chemicals.

  • Puir

    adjective, Scot. 1. poor. 2. pure. adjective 1. a Scot word for poor

  • Puirtith

    noun 1. (Scot) poverty

  • Puisne

    adjective 1. Law. younger; inferior in rank; junior, as in appointment. noun 2. an associate judge as distinguished from a chief justice. adjective 1. (esp of a subordinate judge) of lower rank

  • Puissance

    noun, Literary. 1. power, might, or force. noun 1. a competition in showjumping that tests a horse’s ability to jump a limited number of large obstacles 2. (archaic or poetic) power

  • Major epilepsy

    major epilepsy n. See grand mal.

  • Parlormaid

    [pahr-ler-meyd] /ˈpɑr lərˌmeɪd/ noun 1. a who takes care of a , answers the door, waits on guests, etc.

  • Vesicospinal

    vesicospinal ves·i·co·spi·nal (věs’ĭ-kō-spī’nəl) adj. Of or relating to the spinal-neural mechanisms that control retention and evacuation of urine by the bladder.

  • Educational-psychology

    noun 1. a branch of psychology concerned with developing effective educational techniques and dealing with psychological problems in schools. noun 1. the study of methods of training and teaching and their effectiveness, and of the problems experienced in learning formal material; in particular, the study of how to help people, esp school children, with learning […]

  • Carbonade

    noun a stew of beef and onions cooked in beer