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  • More racket

    Synonyms for more racket adj lawless, felonious scandalous illegal unlawful vicious illegitimate deplorable corrupt illicit immoral senseless heavy racket wrong bent wildcat caught crooked culpable dirty hung up iniquitous nefarious off base peccant shady smoking gun villainous wicked indictable out of line unrighteous Antonyms for more racket authorized ethical lawful legal legitimate moral kind righteous […]

  • Torn out

    Synonyms for torn out verb lift or move object; take off, away expel get rid of erase ship extract transport pull out transfer abolish eliminate separate dismiss evacuate discard discharge cut out raise oust withdraw delete efface junk relegate disturb eject expunge depose abstract unload displace doff purge dislodge skim shed amputate unseat uproot detach […]

  • Embracive

    Synonyms for embracive adj all-inclusive, complete comprehensive in-depth thorough intensive full-scale encyclopedic sweeping extensive all-out catholic far-reaching full full-blown out-and-out profound radical thoroughgoing total full-dress all-embracing all-encompassing from A to Z no stone unturned the word whole-hog Antonyms for embracive exclusive superficial incomplete unfinished partial narrow excluding incomprehensive uncomprehensive

  • Waist measures

    Synonyms for waist measures noun measurement around the waist circumference bigness expansion compass distance around waist measure

  • Gauzes

    Synonyms for gauzes noun covering for wound plaster dressing cast compress gauze Synonyms noun confusion stupor bewilderment trance shock glaze befuddlement haze stupefaction maze distraction gauze narcosis lala-land muddledness nadaville Antonyms expectation understanding Synonyms noun coating, tissue; mist layer fold skin integument cloud web sheet fabric dusting haze membrane opacity blur foil leaf veil covering […]

  • Casting the die

    Synonyms for casting the die verb make a determination; settle an issue resolve elect conclude rule set choose determine vote end establish agree select opt decree clinch tap figure adjudicate gather guess award will mediate adjudge purpose cinch pick judge conjecture poll surmise arrive at conclusion call shots cast the die come to agreement come […]

  • Cosigns

    Synonyms for cosigns verb countersign a check sign underwrite authenticate notarize subscribe undersign autograph cosign superscribe put John Hancock on put signature on rubber-stamp say amen to sign off on sign on dotted line add one’s name to Antonyms for cosigns censure disapprove protest reject oppose repel unauthorize Synonyms verb pledge, promise insure protect secure […]

  • Lady’s maid

    Synonyms for lady’s maid noun personal attendant companion confidante domestic abigail lady-in-waiting waiting woman lady’s attendant

  • More snowcapped

    Synonyms for more snowcapped adj mountaintop; high altitude aerial elevated high lofty mountainous rangy soaring towering high-reaching in the clouds montane snowcapped

  • Puts through mill

    Synonyms for puts through mill verb instruct, usually in recreation tutor teach train hone educate prepare school drill ready cram break in lay it out for lick into shape put through the grind put through the mill pull one’s coat Antonyms for puts through mill listen learn accept Synonyms verb do repeatedly, especially to improve […]