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  • Adamantly

    Synonyms for adamantly adv with determination strictly stubbornly resolutely constantly intently obstinately unchangeably doggedly steadfastly staunchly persistently tenaciously decisively unwaveringly indefatigably obdurately perseveringly pertinaciously purposefully stolidly through thick and thin with heavy hand Antonyms for adamantly indefinitely weakly flexibly movably changeably waveringly

  • Emerged as

    Synonyms for emerged as verb evolve into come convert incline shift metamorphose mature wax turn out turn into grow into develop into alter to assume form of be converted to be reduced to be reformed be remodeled be transformed into change into come to be emerge as eventually be pass into ripen into Antonyms for […]

  • Despotize

    Synonyms for despotize verb castigate, nag bully hector intimidate coerce harass oppress badger cow frighten bludgeon tyrannize threaten bulldoze bluster domineer lean on overawe dragoon overbear lord it over put heat on put the chill on put through the wringer Antonyms for despotize assist aid coax compliment praise leave alone help boost Synonyms verb intimidate, […]

  • Tko

    Synonyms for TKO noun a blow that knocks unconscious blow technical knockout kayo KO cold pack coup de grace final blow finishing blow hearts and flowers knockout blow

  • Giving form to

    Synonyms for giving form to verb plan, specify systematically map develop prepare devise codify draft forge work out draw up define originate evolve work concoct systematize particularize frame express contrive detail invent couch vamp compose indite hatch put phrase coin make cook up dream up make up give form to set down Antonyms for giving […]

  • Be after

    Synonyms for be after verb attempt to get connive conspire contrive fish for hint hunt invite maneuver plan plot scheme seek solicit strive aim for cast about for look for try for Synonyms verb look for pursue follow investigate explore scout inquire scratch fish hunt prowl root dragnet quest fan nose delve comb mouse ransack […]

  • Got a degree

    Synonyms for got a degree verb complete education, pursuit earn finish get out win certify be commissioned confer degree get a degree give sheepskin grant diploma take a degree

  • Striking with awe

    Synonyms for striking with awe verb astonish; cause amazement dismay dazzle unsettle perplex bewilder overwhelm flabbergast shock confuse astound rattle confound amaze startle awe stun disconcert dumbfound discomfit floor electrify nonplus stupefy jar jolt consternate stagger daze rock petrify bowl over shake up blow away cause wonder leave aghast leave open-mouthed spring something on strike […]

  • More well constructed

    Synonyms for more well constructed adj complete, healthy vigorous sturdy solid vibrant safe thorough flawless sane stable robust intact firm entire right fit well hale perfect total whole effectual hearty substantial unblemished undamaged unhurt unimpaired vital wholesome alive and kicking in the pink right as rain undecayed uninjured up to snuff well-constructed wrapped tight Antonyms […]

  • Habit patterns

    Synonyms for habit patterns noun habitual behavior pattern custom familiarity force of habit habit matter of course acquired behavior habit pattern Synonyms noun habitual behavior knee-jerk reaction pattern creature of habit habit pattern stereotyped behavior