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  • Dropping like hot potato

    Synonyms for dropping like hot potato verb admit defeat abandon back down bail out bow out capitulate cease cede chicken out collapse comply concede cry uncle cut out desist despair drop fold forswear hand over leave off pull out quit relinquish resign stop submit surrender waive walk out on yield buckle under cave in drop […]

  • Gave up the ghost

    Synonyms for gave up the ghost adj dead departed gone lost finished cold former asleep defunct extinct inanimate late lifeless expired bit the dust exanimate kicked the bucket passed on pushing up daisies Antonyms for gave up the ghost current existing born lively living present alive Synonyms verb pass away; stop living drown expire perish […]

  • Are pulled

    Synonyms for are pulled verb be drawn toward; fall to drift lean incline tend move drop settle descend precipitate approach sink be attracted be influenced be pulled Antonyms for are pulled ascend increase retreat rise depart leave run away

  • Good right arms

    Synonyms for good right arms noun chief support pillar backbone bulwark strength buttress standby sinew prop supporter crutch stay brace anchor staff linchpin maintainer sustainer upholder good right arm right-hand person

  • Make it up as one goes along

    Synonyms for make it up as one goes along verb take a situation as it comes improvise think on one’s feet

  • Man men

    Synonyms for man men noun masculine man hunk caveman macho man strong man virile man man’s man

  • Unbuckle

    Synonyms for unbuckle verb unfasten release unloose undo unbelt Antonyms for unbuckle buckle fasten

  • Cure all

    Synonyms for cure all noun panacea magic bullet elixir nostrum catholicon magic potion theriac universal remedy Synonyms noun remedy cure-all potion panacea medicine mixture extract solution principle elixir of life philosopher’s stone Synonyms noun cure, solution cure-all fix drug quick fix redress therapy treatment antidote medicine panacea pill relief pharmaceutical corrective improvement assistance restorative elixir […]

  • Giving orders

    Synonyms for giving orders verb demand authorize appoint require direct call for tell prohibit set forbid enjoin instruct inflict dictate beckon proclaim check grant debar compel charge call restrain cite enact oblige bid warn interdict exact adjure inhibit task bar impose ordain summon requisition subpoena ban order rule out ordinate call on call the signals […]

  • Bag snatchers

    Synonyms for bag snatchers noun petty thief thief dipper finger cutpurse bag snatcher pocket picker purse snatcher sneak thief wallet lifter