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  • Writings

    Synonyms for writing noun printing on paper print handwriting script chirography hand scrawl scribble autograph calligraphy cuneiform shorthand hieroglyphics longhand manuscription Synonyms noun printed composition essay poem literature piece publication manuscript novel review work paper theme book letter prose article document dissertation play treatise pamphlet signature discourse ode record editorial thesis tract opus belles-lettres Antonyms […]

  • If it’s cools

    Synonyms for if it’s cools noun chance happening; possibility probability exigency eventuality emergency fortuity break strait accident likelihood happening predicament pinch odds uncertainty chance event juncture incident pass occasion crossroads opportunity crisis turning point zero hour if it’s cool Antonyms for if it’s cools improbability bad luck misfortune advantage reality unlikelihood solution plan good fortune […]

  • Autonomic

    Synonyms for autonomic adj unrestrained politically independent autonomous separate democratic freed sovereign self-governing autarchic individualistic unconstrained liberated emancipated enfranchised at liberty self-directing self-ruling sui juris unenslaved unregimented Antonyms for autonomic expensive high-priced priced bound confined restrained prevented scheduled dependent costly hindered limited barred enslaved suppressed busy occupied mean niggardly tight-fisted tied-up Synonyms adj individual automatic […]

  • Chifforobes

    Synonyms for chifforobes noun cabinet with drawers bureau chest chiffonier dresser Yorkshire dresser chifforobe highboy lowboy tallboy

  • Is agreeable

    Synonyms for is agreeable verb suit please satisfy befit be acceptable be agreeable be favorable be good for be suitable sit well with

  • Turning one around

    Synonyms for turning one around verb alter, change repair tweak vary adjust adapt rework correct revise transmute mutate convert doctor reorganize reform transform turn transmogrify transfigure become redo remodel customize reshape recast refashion shift gears switch over turn one around turn over new leaf turn the corner turn the tables Antonyms for turning one around […]

  • Semi solid

    Synonyms for semi solid adj doughy, soft muddy spongy squishy gelatinous pap pulpous pulpy quaggy slushy squashy jelled mashy pastelike semiliquid semisolid Antonyms for semi solid unfeeling unromantic hard stiff Synonyms noun flesh of plant, animal paste pap mush mash sponge jam dough batter marrow poultice triturate grume curd pomace sarcocarp semisolid soft part

  • Hold in awe

    Synonyms for hold in awe verb have a high opinion of admire adore appreciate cherish deify enjoy esteem exalt honor love magnify prize regard respect treasure value venerate worship apotheosize be in awe of defer to look up to pay homage put on pedestal think highly of Antonyms for hold in awe despise disregard Synonyms […]

  • Being often in

    Synonyms for being often in verb be a regular customer of haunt affect overrun attend patronize resort play revisit hit infest drop in hang around attend regularly be at home in be found at be often in go to hang about hang out at visit often Antonyms for being often in ignore

  • Orchestrators

    Synonyms for orchestrators noun leader instigator troublemaker mastermind chieftain head captain spokesperson ruler general inciter chief agitator commander skipper President boss orchestrator brains head honcho Antonyms for orchestrators follower employee worker