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  • Torching

    Synonyms for torching noun intentional burning pyromania firing incendiarism setting fire touching off Synonyms verb be on fire; set on fire ignite incinerate light torch melt char heat blaze smolder scorch sear flicker combust bake rekindle toast scald flash parch singe cremate roast brand cauterize cook broil glow flare enkindle wither flame smoke kindle calcine […]

  • Singing a different song

    Synonyms for singing a different song verb change mind reconsider renege take back back out of change opinion default on do a U-turn do an about-face fail to honor go back on go into reverse have second thoughts sing a different song shift one’s ground

  • Striate

    Synonyms for striate verb streak smear spot daub band fleck stripe slash variegate dapple marble vein strake

  • Art in power

    Synonyms for art in power verb take control; rule control manage oversee conduct dictate administer supervise regulate carry out guide head run render lead superintend sway direct reign tyrannize command execute captain overrule order steer pilot assume command be in power call the shots call the signals exercise authority head up hold dominion hold office […]

  • Temp

    Synonyms for temp noun helper colleague deputy associate aide representative companion partner attendant apprentice backup friend secretary help patron follower subordinate supporter accomplice adjunct abettor coadjutor mate collaborator ally adherent backer accessory confederate appointee gofer auxiliary helpmate flunky peon coadjutant cooperator fellow worker right-hand person temporary worker Antonyms for temp antagonist detractor enemy opponent manager […]

  • More permeated

    Synonyms for more permeated adj loaded emotional intense fraught full saturated laden filled imbued suffused pervaded permeated Antonyms for more permeated empty Synonyms adj suffused full brimming replete permeated Antonyms needy empty Synonyms adj full saturated permeated

  • Fireman

    Synonyms for fireman noun one who extinguishes fires firefighter engineman ladderman smoke jumper Synonyms noun one who fuels engines or furnaces stoker trainman cinder monkey oil feeder engineer’s helper Usage Notes See -man.

  • More dejecting

    Synonyms for more dejecting adj depressing, unhappy austere black bleak blue dark dejected depressed desolate despondent disconsolate dismal dolorous drab dreary dull forlorn funereal gloomy grim jarring joyless melancholy miserable mournful oppressive sad somber sorrowful sullen uncomfortable wintry woebegone woeful comfortless dispiriting tenebrific dejecting draggy drearisome in the dumps mopey Antonyms for more dejecting cheerful […]

  • Un settled

    Synonyms for un settled adj bothered, upset perturbed restless shaky precarious changeable perilous agitated troubled tense insecure ticklish uneasy confused changing uncertain unpredictable disturbed unstable complicated thrown busy wavering wobbling shaken unbalanced active antsy anxious complex disorderly explosive fidgety fluid inconstant mobile mutable on edge restive unsteady variable kinetic unquiet rattled unnerved shifting flustered changeful […]

  • Top twenty

    Synonyms for top twenty noun popular music bestsellers hit parade hits the charts top of the charts