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  • More nonflammable

    Synonyms for more nonflammable adj resistant to burning concrete asbestos fire-resistant incombustible noncandescent noncombustible nonflammable noninflammable Antonyms for more nonflammable waterproof

  • Dysphoric

    Synonyms for dysphoric adj depressed distressed unhappy blue dejected desolate dispirited down downcast downhearted dull gloomy low melancholic melancholy morose sad Antonyms for dysphoric glad happy

  • More breeding

    Synonyms for more breeding adj productive breeding fertile fruitful pregnant prolific rich teeming spawning fructiferous generating proliferant propagating reproducing Antonyms for more breeding impotent infertile sterile unproductive unfruitful Synonyms adj ready to bear, produce productive lush fruitful rich abundant bearing black bountiful breeding fecund flowering luxuriant plentiful pregnant producing prolific rank teeming virile yielding gravid […]

  • Boundup

    Synonyms for boundup adj deeply involved with busy preoccupied engaged engrossed absorbed buried spellbound occupied deep intent into rapt mesmerized consumed bound-up eat sleep and breathe taken up tied up turned on wrapped up Antonyms for boundup idle inactive bored disinterested uninterested ignorant neglectful negligent unoccupied

  • Straight from the shoulder

    Synonyms for straight from the shoulder adj frank aboveboard apparent artless blunt bold brazen candid direct downright easy familiar flat-out forthright free guileless honest ingenuous matter-of-fact naive natural open outright outspoken plain plainspoken real scrupulous sincere straight straight-out straightforward transparent truthful unconcealed uninhibited unreserved unrestricted up front upright bare-faced call a spade a spade from […]

  • Removed from office

    Synonyms for removed from office verb oust from position dismiss impeach overthrow unseat demote dethrone eject subvert cashier upset displace bounce break chuck degrade downgrade can kick out send packing throw out unmake unfrock boot out discrown drum out freeze out give heave-ho remove from office ride out on rail run out of town throw […]

  • Frankincenses

    Synonyms for frankincenses noun strongly fragrant smoke odor aroma scent perfume balm bouquet essence punk redolence flame fuel spice frankincense myrrh burnt offering Antonyms for frankincenses odor stink stench

  • Most outbound

    Synonyms for most outbound adj leaving retiring last departing former migratory past withdrawing ex- outbound outward-bound Antonyms for most outbound introverted reclusive shy arriving entering incoming

  • Claustrophobia

    Synonyms for claustrophobia noun anxiety caused by living in isolation or indoors for a long period of time sad distress neurosis restlessness seasonal affective disorder climbing the walls temporary insanity winter blues

  • Happiness

    Synonyms for happiness noun high spirits, satisfaction prosperity peace of mind contentment enjoyment joy glee optimism euphoria delight elation exhilaration well-being pleasure laughter jubilation bliss gladness sanctity joviality cheerfulness playfulness beatitude delectation content exuberance paradise lightheartedness hilarity rejoicing enchantment felicity mirth geniality merriment ecstasy gaiety cheer delirium blessedness good humor seventh heaven hopefulness vivacity cheeriness […]