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  • Holds services for

    Synonyms for holds services for verb lay to rest after death plant entomb deposit enshrine embalm inter inhume mummify lay out put away sepulcher tomb sepulture consign to grave cover up ensepulcher hold last rites for hold services for inearth inurn put six feet under Antonyms for holds services for disinter uncover dig out reveal […]

  • Fight to the finish

    Synonyms for fight to the finish verb fight with battle fight lock horns bump heads cross swords with do battle fight it out give no quarter mix it up with struggle with tangle with wrestle with

  • Drug users

    Synonyms for drug users noun person addicted to narcotics junkie addict user freak drug user burnout dopehead doper drug abuser drug fiend druggie hophead narcotics addict space cadet

  • Ran on

    Synonyms for ran on verb talk trivially, often incessantly burble blubber mumble mutter murmur gibber cackle patter blurt jabber rant tattle prate gush chat gossip rave prattle blab chatter squeal yak go on spill the beans trivialize run off at the mouth run on talk foolishly talk incoherently talk nonsensically yakkety yak Antonyms for ran […]

  • Setting forths

    Synonyms for setting forths noun leaving retirement flight evacuation escape removal exit separation withdrawal exodus passage takeoff retreat abandonment egress farewell migration vacation start going adieu emigration expatriation parting stampede getaway recession decampment desertion goodbye powder bow out walkout egression hegira sailing embarkation congé going away quitting setting forth setting out taking leave taking off […]

  • Un guided

    Synonyms for un guided adj having no goal random indiscriminate haphazard desultory pointless erratic frivolous accidental any which way blind capricious careless casual chance fanciful fickle flighty fortuitous heedless hit-or-miss indecisive irresolute purposeless shiftless stray thoughtless unavailing unplanned unpredictable vagrant wandering wanton wayward bits-and-pieces directionless drifting fits and starts goalless objectless undirected unguided Antonyms for […]

  • Stringing up

    Synonyms for stringing up noun hanging execution capital punishment mob justice the gallows vigilante justice Synonyms verb kill by suspension from a rope stretch execute hoist swing noose lynch scrag gibbet send to the gallows string up

  • Undresses

    Synonyms for undress verb take off clothes unmask disrobe shed disarray peel shock dismantle denude doff husk strip unclothe get off uncloak divest oneself get out of slip off slip out of unattire Antonyms for undresses clothe cover dress Other adjectives related to undresses bald barefoot dishabille in a state of nature in native buff […]

  • Setting at

    Synonyms for setting at verb judge, estimate audit calculate evaluate inspect check out assess examine gauge peg assay figure read valuate review value price rate deem survey eye adjudge check size figure in guesstimate figure out look over set at take account of have one’s number Antonyms for setting at ignore neglect Synonyms verb judge […]

  • Hawsers

    Synonyms for hawsers noun cord, line twine string thread tape cable strand lariat lace lanyard lasso cordage hawser braiding