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  • Ala

    a wing. a winglike part, process, or expansion, as of a bone, shell, seed, or stem. either of the two side petals of a flower in the legume family, as the pea. (in an ancient Roman house) a small room, as an alcove, opening into a larger room or courtyard. Hussein [hoo-seyn] /hʊˈseɪn/ (Show IPA), […]

  • Ala dagh

    a mountain range in S Turkey: highest peak, about 11,000 feet (3350 meters). a mountain range in E Turkey: highest peak, about 11,500 feet (3500 meters).

  • Ala nasi

    ala nasi ala nasi ala na·si (nā’zī) n. The outer wall of each nostril.

  • Ala-tau

    several mountain ranges of the Tien Shan system in E Kyrgyzstan and SE Kazakhstan. Highest peak, 18,000 feet (5490 meters).

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