an altimeter equipped with a device for recording its measurements on a graph.


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  • Altiloquent

    (of language) high-flown or pretentious. Historical Examples An altiloquent was one day about taking a journey into the country. Talkers John Bate You remind me of an occasion some time past when reading a book of an altiloquent style. Talkers John Bate

  • Altimeter

    a sensitive aneroid barometer that is graduated and calibrated, used chiefly in aircraft for finding distance above sea level, terrain, or some other reference point by a comparison of air pressures. any device used for the same purpose that operates by some other means, as by radio waves. Contemporary Examples Some trackers come with a […]

  • Altimetry

    the science of measuring altitudes, as by altimeters. Historical Examples Associated words: altimetry, altimeter, hypsometry, hypsometer. Putnam’s Word Book Louis A. Flemming noun the science of measuring altitudes, as with an altimeter n. 1690s, from Medieval Latin altimetria, from Latin alti- “high” (see old) + Greek -metria (see -metry).

  • Altiplane

    an elevated terrace or plateau sculptured by periglacial geomorphic processes.

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