Amino-acid dating

a method used to date an organic geological or archaeological specimen, as a fossil or mummified body, by determining how much change has occurred in the amino-acid structure of that specimen.


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  • Amino acid dehydrogenase

    amino acid dehydrogenase amino acid dehydrogenase n. Any of various enzymes that catalyze the deamination of amino acids to keto acids.

  • Amino acid oxidase

    amino acid oxidase amino acid oxidase n. An enzyme that catalyzes the oxidative deamination of an amino acid to a keto acid.

  • Amino acid sequence

    noun the unique sequence of amino acids that characterizes a given protein

  • Amino acids

    any of a class of organic compounds that contains at least one amino group, –NH 2 , and one carboxyl group, –COOH: the alpha-amino acids, RCH(NH 2)COOH, are the building blocks from which proteins are constructed. Historical Examples A moment ago we saw that in the case of the amino acids the nitrogen is removed […]

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