a combining form meaning “hook,” “joint,” used in the formation of technical terms:

ancylo- pref.
Variant of ankylo-.


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    a combination of and 3 , used to form nouns denoting state or quality: brilliancy. suffix a variant of -ance, used to indicate condition or quality: expectancy, poignancy, malignancy word-forming element denoting quality or state, from Latin -antia, forming abstract nouns on pp. adjectives in -antem, appearing in English mostly in words borrowed directly from […]

  • Ancylostoma braziliense

    ancylostoma braziliense Ancylostoma braziliense Ancylostoma bra·zil·i·en·se (brə-zĭl’ē-ěn’sē) n. A species of hookworm that usually is an intestinal parasite of dogs and cats but can also infest the skin of humans.

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    ancylostoma Ancylostoma An·cy·los·to·ma (ān’sə-lŏs’tə-mə, āng’kə-) n. A genus of hookworms that includes species that are intestinal parasites of humans and other mammals.

  • Ancylostoma caninum

    ancylostoma caninum Ancylostoma caninum Ancylostoma ca·ni·num (kā-nī’nəm) n. A species of hookworm that can infest human skin.

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