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Historical Examples

He had an adversary who was called apap, represented in the form of a serpent.
Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions T. W. Doane

Apophis (or apap) would have been a decorative artist to fold himself in such order.
Demonology and Devil-lore Moncure Daniel Conway

Another Egyptian divinity, apap or Apop, is represented under the form of a gigantic serpent covered with wounds.
Vestiges of the Mayas Augustus Le Plongeon


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  • Apapane

    a small, deep crimson Hawaiian honeycreeper, Himatione sanguinea, having black wings, tail, and bill.

  • Apaporis

    a river in S central Colombia, in the Amazon system, flowing SE to the Japurá River. 500 miles (805 km) long.

  • Aparalytic

    aparalytic aparalytic a·par·a·lyt·ic (ā-pār’ə-lĭt’ĭk) adj. Not paralyzed; without paralysis.

  • Aparavidya

    intellectual knowledge.

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