defective coordination between parts, as muscles or limbs, that normally act in unison.


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  • Asynjur

    the goddesses of the Aesir, led by Frigg.

  • Asyntactic

    consisting of morphemes that are combined differently from their mode of combination as separate words in a phrase, as bookstore, which is an asyntactic compound, while the same elements are combined syntactically in store for books.

  • Asystematic

    asystematic asystematic a·sys·tem·at·ic (ā-sĭs’tə-māt’ĭk) or a·sys·tem·ic (ā’sĭ-stěm’ĭk) adj. Not specific to one system or set or organs; not systematic.

  • Asystole

    noun (pathol) the absence of heartbeat; cardiac arrest n. 1860, from Modern Latin, from Greek a-, privative prefix (see a- (3)), + systole “contraction” (see systole). asystole a·sys·to·le (ā-sĭs’tə-lē, ə-sĭs’-) n. The absence of contractions of the heart. a’sys·tol’ic (ā’sĭ-stŏl’ĭk) adj.

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