the ability of some plants of a species to cross-pollinate and others to self-pollinate


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    Psychoanalysis, self-analysis. Chemistry, analysis by an autoanalyzer.

  • Autoanalyzer

    a device that performs chemical analysis automatically.

  • Autoantibody

    an antibody that an organism produces against any of its own tissues, cells, or cell components. noun (pl) -bodies an antibody reacting with an antigen that is a part of the organism in which the antibody is formed autoantibody au·to·an·ti·bod·y (ô’tō-ān’tĭ-bŏd’ē) n. An antibody that attacks the cells and tissues of the organism in which […]

  • Autoantigen

    an antigen of one’s own cells or cell products. autoantigen au·to·an·ti·gen (ô’tō-ān’tĭ-jən) n. A tissue constituent that evokes an immune response to the host’s tissues.

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