Balloon tyre

a pneumatic tyre containing air at a relatively low pressure and having a wide tread


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  • Balloon vine

    a tropical climbing plant, Cardiospermum halicacabum, of the soapberry family, bearing big, bladderlike pods and black seeds with a white, heart-shaped spot. noun a tropical tendril-climbing sapindaceous plant, Cardiospermum halicacabum, cultivated for its ornamental balloon-like seed capsules

  • Balloon-tip catheter

    balloon-tip catheter balloon-tip catheter n. A tube with an inflatable balloon at its tip that, when inflated, can facilitate passage of the tube through a blood vessel.

  • Balloonheaded

    balloonheaded adjective Stupid; oafish: Listen, you balloon-headed fool (1930s+)

  • Balloonhead

    balloonhead noun A stupid person; airhead (1930s+)

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