an instrument showing roughly the variations in atmospheric pressure.
Historical Examples

In my baroscope, I have never found the Quicksilver higher than 30.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society – Vol 1 – 1666 Various

Sometimes (I say not often) the baroscope yields not to other very great changes of the Air.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society – Vol 1 – 1666 Various

any instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure, esp a manometer with one side open to the atmosphere


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  • Barosinusitis

    aerosinusitis. barosinusitis bar·o·si·nus·i·tis (bār’ō-sī’nə-sī’tĭs) n. See aerosinusitis.

  • Aerosinusitis

    inflammation of the nasal sinuses caused by the effect on the sinuses of changes in atmospheric pressure. aerosinusitis aer·o·si·nus·i·tis (âr’ō-sī’nə-sī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses caused by a difference between the pressure within the sinus cavities and the ambient pressure. Also called barosinusitis.

  • Barostat

    noun a device for maintaining constant pressure, such as one used in an aircraft cabin barostat bar·o·stat (bār’ə-stāt’) n. A pressure-regulating device or structure, such as a baroreceptor.

  • Baroswitch

    a switch actuated by barometric pressure.

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