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  • Bilith

    a prehistoric structure consisting of a horizontal stone slab supported by an upright stone.

  • Biliuria


  • Biliverdin

    a dark-green bile pigment, C 33 H 34 O 6 N 4 , formed as a breakdown product of hemoglobin and converted in humans to bilirubin. Historical Examples A Manual of Clinical Diagnosis James Campbell Todd Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 6 Various noun a dark green pigment in the bile formed by […]

  • Bilk

    to defraud; cheat: He bilked the government of almost a million dollars. to evade payment of (a debt). to frustrate: a career bilked by poor health. to escape from; elude: to bilk one’s pursuers. a cheat; swindler. a trick; fraud; deceit. Contemporary Examples Catfish’s Photo Fraud Victim Gina Piccalo October 3, 2010 Your Probiotic Is […]

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