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  • Biphasic

    having two phases. Botany. having a gametophytic and a sporophytic phase. adjective having two phases See two-phase

  • Biphasic-pill

    a drug with two dosage levels over the period taken, as an oral contraceptive.

  • Biphenotypy

    biphenotypy bi·phe’no·typ’ic adj.

  • Biphenyl

    a water-insoluble, pleasant-smelling, colorless powder or white scales, C 12 H 10 , composed of two phenyl groups, from which benzidine dyes are derived: used chiefly as a heat-transfer agent and in organic synthesis. noun a white or colourless crystalline solid used as a heat-transfer agent, as a fungicide, as an antifungal food preservative (E230) […]

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