a cookie or cracker.
Contemporary Examples

World’s Craziest Cupcakes Katie Workman September 7, 2009

plural noun used as singular


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  • Biscotto

    a cookie or cracker.

  • Biscuit

    a kind of bread in small, soft cakes, raised with baking powder or soda, or sometimes with yeast; scone. Chiefly British. a dry and crisp or hard bread in thin, flat cakes, made without yeast or other raising agent; a cracker. a cookie. a pale-brown color. Also called bisque. Ceramics. unglazed earthenware or porcelain after […]

  • Biscuit-bread

    biscuits or a biscuit: I like biscuit bread more than corn bread for supper.

  • Biscuit-fired

    (of a ceramic object) fired to harden the body.

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