biscuits or a biscuit:
I like biscuit bread more than corn bread for supper.


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  • Biscuit-fired

    (of a ceramic object) fired to harden the body.

  • Biscuit-tortoni

    an individual portion of tortoni, frozen and served in a small cup, often topped with ground almonds. noun

  • Biscuit–ware

    bisque3 (def 2). Historical Examples The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Various The Story of Porcelain Sara Ware Bassett The Potter’s Craft Charles F. Binns

  • Bise

    noun a cold dry northerly wind in Switzerland and the neighbouring parts of France and Italy, usually in the spring Historical Examples A Residence in France J. Fenimore Cooper The Spell of Switzerland Nathan Haskell Dole A Spring Walk in Provence Archibald Marshall Four Years in France Henry Digby Beste The Car That Went Abroad […]

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