bitot’s spots


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  • Bitou-bush

    noun a sprawling woody shrub, Chrysanthemoides monilifera rotundata, with oval green leaves and yellow daisy-like flowers. It is native to South Africa and considered an invasive species in Australia

  • Bitrochanteric


  • Bits

    Machinery. a removable drilling or boring tool for use in a brace, drill press, or the like. a removable boring head used on certain kinds of drills, as a rock drill. a device for drilling oil wells or the like, consisting of a horizontally rotating blade or an assembly of rotating toothed wheels. the mouthpiece […]

  • Bits-per-pixel

    bits per pixel hardware, graphics (bpp) The number of bits of information stored per pixel of an image or displayed by a graphics adapter. The more bits there are, the more colours can be represented, but the more memory is required to store or display the image. A colour can be described by the intensities […]

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