(athletics, horse racing) a finish so close that a blanket would cover all the contestants involved


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  • Blanket-roll

    a blanket or sleeping bag rolled into a cylindrical pack for easy carrying and outdoor use by hikers, soldiers, cowboys, etc., often with cooking utensils, food, and personal articles carried inside. a method of cheating at craps whereby the dice are thrown on a blanket, rug, or other soft surface so that they roll only […]

  • Blanket-sheet

    a newspaper of larger than average size, common in the mid 19th century.

  • Blanket-suture

    blanket suture

  • Blanket-toss

    a game in which a person is repeatedly tossed into the air and caught on an open blanket by a group of people who hold the blanket at its edges and stretch and relax it for each toss and catch.

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