(bookbinding) another name for blind stamping


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  • Blind-carbon-copy

    a duplicate of anything written or typed, or a copy of an email or other electronic document, that is sent to someone whose name is not visible to the primary addressee. Abbreviation: bcc.

  • Blind-casing

    (in a box window frame) a rough framework to which the trim is secured.

  • Blind-copy

    a copy of a letter or the like, the original of which bears no evidence that the copy was sent to some other person. noun Examples

  • Blind-date

    a social appointment or date arranged, usually by a third person, between two people who have not met. either of the participants in such an arrangement. noun (informal) a social meeting between two people who have not met before either of the persons involved n. An arranged appointment for a show, dance, etc, where one’s […]

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