a musician who sings or plays blues.


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  • Blues-rock

    a blend of rock-‘n’-roll and blues. Contemporary Examples Craziest SXSW Band Names: Perfect Pussy, Death By Unga Bunga, and More Marlow Stern March 7, 2014

  • Blues-scale

    noun Examples

  • Blues–the

    blues, the A state of melancholy; depression (1830s+) A usually slow style of singing, guitar-playing, and jazz originally reflecting in its melancholy and resignation the special plight of black people and the general vicissitudes of life and love; esp songs having in each stanza a repeated opening statement and single closing statement (1912+) The police […]

  • Blueschist

    blueschist blueschist (bl’shĭst’) A bluish schist that gets its color from the presence of a sodic amphibolite, glaucophane, or a variety of glaucophane called crossite. Blueschist forms under conditions of high pressure but low temperature, as at the boundaries of converging tectonic plates.

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