a meal of meat and vegetables, as of corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes, prepared by boiling.


Read Also:

  • Boiled-dressing

    a cooked salad dressing thickened with egg yolks and often containing mustard.

  • Boiled-oil

    any oil, as linseed oil, heated together with driers to improve its drying properties.

  • Boiled-shirt

    a formal or semiformal dress shirt with a starched front. noun (informal) a dress shirt with a stiff front A dress shirt, esp with a starched front; Fried Shirt Stiff, chilly, and pompous behavior; stuffiness: not arrayed in the ”boiled shirt” of formality (1850s+ Western)

  • Boiled-sweet

    hard candy. noun (Brit) a hard sticky sweet of boiled sugar with any of various flavourings

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