boilermaker’s delight


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  • Boiling

    having reached the boiling point; steaming or bubbling up under the action of heat: boiling water. fiercely churning or swirling: the boiling seas. (of anger, rage, etc.) intense; fierce; heated. to an extreme extent; very: August is usually boiling hot; boiling mad. to change from a liquid to a gaseous state, producing bubbles of gas […]

  • Boiling-point

    Physics, Chemistry. the temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid is equal to the pressure of the atmosphere on the liquid, equal to 212°F (100°C) for water at sea level. Abbreviation: b.p. the point beyond which one becomes angry, outraged, or agitated. the point at which matters reach a crisis. Historical Examples Salads, […]

  • Boilover

    an unexpected result. the act or fact of boiling over: an automatic burner control that eliminates boilovers. noun (Austral) a surprising result in a sporting event, esp in a horse race a sudden conflict

  • Boink

    to have sexual intercourse (with).

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