noun (pl) -fish, -fishes
another name for trunkfish


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  • Box-frame

    Architecture. a monolithic reinforced-concrete structure having walls and floors in the form of slabs. Building Trades. a window frame with pockets for sash weights. Historical Examples True Tales of Arctic Heroism in the New World Adolphus W. Greely

  • Box-girder

    box beam. Historical Examples The Boy Scouts of the Air in Indian Land Gordon Stuart noun a girder that is hollow and square or rectangular in shape (as modifier): a box-girder bridge Also called box beam

  • Box-gutter

    a gutter set into the slope of a roof above the cornice.

  • Boxhaul

    to put (a square-rigged sailing vessel) on a new tack by bracing the head yards aback and backing onto the new heading. Historical Examples The Flying Bo’sun Arthur Mason verb (nautical) to bring (a square-rigger) onto a new tack by backwinding the foresails and steering hard round

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