bracket abstraction


Read Also:

  • Bracket-clock

    a small clock designed to be placed on a bracket or shelf.

  • Bracket-creep

    the gradual movement of a wage earner into a higher federal income-tax bracket as a result of wage increases intended to help offset inflation.

  • Bracket-foot

    a corner foot of a chest or the like joining the sides in a concave line.

  • Bracket-fungus

    the leathery, corky, or woody, shelflike basidiocarp of certain wood-rotting fungi that form on tree trunks, lumber, etc.; conk. noun any saprotroph or parasitic fungus of the basidiomycetous family Polyporaceae, growing as a shelflike mass (bracket) from tree trunks and producing spores in vertical tubes in the bracket bracket fungus (brāk’ĭt) See shelf fungus.

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