branched chain ketoaciduria


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  • Branched-polyethylene

    low-density polyethylene. highly branched polyethylene with low crystallinity and melting point, and a density of 0.91 to 0.94, prepared at very high pressures, and used mainly for sheeting, films, and packaging materials. Abbreviation: LDPE.

  • Brancher-deficiency-amylopectinosis

    brancher deficiency amylopectinosis

  • Brancher-enzyme

    brancher enzyme

  • Branches

    a division or subdivision of the stem or axis of a tree, shrub, or other plant. a limb, offshoot, or ramification of any main stem: the branches of a deer’s antlers. any member or part of a body or system; a section or subdivision: the various branches of learning. a local operating division of a […]

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