a tablecloth for a bridge table.


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  • Bridge-deck

    a deck on top of a bridge house; flying bridge. the first deck in a bridge house. the deck from which a vessel is usually operated; the location of the pilot house. Historical Examples Aliens William McFee The Flying Bo’sun Arthur Mason Command William McFee The Motor Boat Club and The Wireless H. Irving Hancock […]

  • Bridge-financing

    interim or emergency financing through a short- or medium-term loan (bridge loan)

  • Bridge-fluting

    (on the stem of a drinking glass) flutes or facets continuing onto the underside of the bowl.

  • Bridgehead

    a position held or to be gained on the enemy side of a river, defile, or other obstacle, to cover the crossing of friendly troops. any position gained that can be used as a foothold for further advancement; beachhead. a defensive work covering or protecting the end of a bridge toward the enemy. Historical Examples […]

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