a colorless and highly toxic liquid, CH 2 BrCOCH 3 , used as a lachrymatory compound in tear gas and chemical warfare gas.


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  • Bromochloromethane


  • Bromocriptine

    an ergot derivative, C 32 H 40 BrN 5 O 5 , that inhibits prolactin and growth hormone secretions and stimulates dopamine production in the brain, used to prevent postpartum lactation and in the treatments of acromegaly and Parkinson’s disease.

  • Bromoderma


  • Bromoform

    a colorless, heavy liquid, CHBr 3 , used chiefly as an intermediate in organic synthesis. noun a heavy colourless liquid substance with a sweetish taste and an odour resembling that of chloroform. Formula: CHBr3 Systematic name tribromomethane

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