caesarean hysterectomy


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  • Caesarian

    pertaining to Caesar or the Caesars: a Caesarean conquest. (sometimes lowercase) Cesarean. Also called Cesarean section, C-section. an operation by which a fetus is taken from the uterus by cutting through the walls of the abdomen and uterus. of or relating to a Cesarean. Caesarean. Historical Examples Seekers after God Frederic William Farrar Breeder Reaction […]

  • Caesarism

    absolute government; imperialism. Historical Examples Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 12, Slice 3 Various What is Coming? H. G. Wells The War Upon Religion Rev. Francis A. Cunningham The New York Times Current History: the European War, February, 1915 Various Amiel’s Journal Henri-Frdric Amiel noun an autocratic system of government See also Bonapartism

  • Caesaropapism

    the possession of supreme authority over church and state by one person, often by a secular ruler. the supremacy of the state over the church in ecclesiastical matters.

  • Caesious

    adjective (botany) having a waxy bluish-grey coating

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