a solution of one part camphor oil in four parts cottonseed oil used as a counterirritant.
a liniment consisting of camphor and peanut oil, used as a counterirritant


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  • Camphor-oil

    a colorless liquid obtained from the wood of the camphor tree by distillation and separation from the solid camphor, used in varnish, soaps, and shoe polish, and in medicine chiefly as a rubefacient. camphor oil The oil that is obtained from the wood of the camphor tree and is used to make camphor. It is […]

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    a tree, Cinnamomum camphora, of the laurel family, grown in eastern Asia and yielding camphor. Historical Examples Shadowings Lafcadio Hearn The Inhabitants of the Philippines Frederic H. Sawyer Foot-prints of Travel Maturin M. Ballou In the Eastern Seas W.H.G. Kingston noun a lauraceous evergreen E Asian tree, Cinnamomum camphora, whose aromatic wood yields camphor any […]

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    a whitish, translucent, crystalline, pleasant-odored terpene ketone, C 10 H 16 O, obtained from the camphor tree, used chiefly in the manufacture of celluloid and in medicine as a counter-irritant for infections and in the treatment of pain and itching. any substance having medicinal or aromatic characteristics similar to those of camphor. Historical Examples Ginseng […]

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