a substance that increases the heart rate.

cardioaccelerator car·di·o·ac·cel·er·a·tor (kär’dē-ō’āk-sěl’ə-rā’tər)
An agent that increases the heart rate.


Read Also:

  • Cardioactive

    of or relating to a drug or other substance affecting the function of the heart. cardioactive car·di·o·ac·tive (kär’dē-ō-āk’tĭv) adj. Affecting the heart.

  • Cardioaortic

    cardioaortic cardioaortic car·di·o·a·or·tic (kär’dē-ō-ā-ôr’tĭk) adj. Relating to the heart and the aorta.

  • Cardioarterial

    cardioarterial cardioarterial car·di·o·ar·te·ri·al (kär’dē-ō-är-tēr’ē-əl) adj. Relating to the heart and the arteries.

  • Cardioarterial interval

    cardioarterial interval cardioarterial interval n. The time between the apex beat of the heart and the radial pulse beat.

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