a bulbous lily, Lilium michauxii, of the southeastern U.S., having large, spotted, orange-red flowers with recurved petals.


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  • Carolina-moonseed

    a twining woody vine, Cocculus carolinus, of the southeastern U.S., having inconspicuous flowers and showy, red fruit.

  • Carolina-parakeet

    an extinct New World parakeet, Conuropsis carolinensis, that ranged into the northern U.S., having yellowish-green plumage with an orange-yellow head.

  • Carolina rice

    noun a long-grain fluffy rice originally planted in North Carolina but now grown in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and California Usage Note cooking

  • Carolina-wren

    a large wren, Thryothorus ludovicianus, of the U.S., having a musical call.

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