Cartilage cell

cartilage cell

cartilage cell n.
See chondrocyte.
Historical Examples

The true nucleus of the cartilage cell was probably in the same way the original generator of the mother-cell.
Form and Function E. S. (Edward Stuart) Russell


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  • Cartilage lacuna

    cartilage lacuna cartilage lacuna n. A cavity within the matrix of cartilage, occupied by a chondrocyte. Also called cartilage space.

  • Cartilage matrix

    cartilage matrix cartilage matrix n. The intercellular substance of cartilage consisting of fibers and ground substance.

  • Cartilage of nasal septum

    cartilage of nasal septum cartilage of nasal septum n. A thin cartilaginous plate located between the vomer, the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid, and the nasal bones.

  • Cartilage space

    cartilage space cartilage space n. See cartilage lacuna.

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