a purchaser who pays cash rather than by check, credit card, or charge account.


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  • Cash-on-delivery

    C.O.D. noun a service entailing cash payment to the carrier on delivery of merchandise COD

  • Cash-discount

    a term of sale by which the buyer deducts a percentage from the bill if it is paid immediately in cash or within a stipulated period by check or cash. the amount deducted. noun a discount granted to a purchaser who pays before a stipulated date

  • Cash dispenser

    noun a computerized device outside a bank that supplies cash or account information when the user inserts a cash card and keys in an identification number Also called automated teller machine

  • Cash-flow

    the sum of the after-tax profit of a business plus depreciation and other noncash charges: used as an indication of internal funds available for stock dividends, purchase of buildings and equipment, etc. noun the movement of money into and out of a business a prediction of such movement over a given period noun Available money; […]

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