a hundred times as great; hundredfold.
to increase 100 times.
Historical Examples


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  • Centuplicate

    to increase 100 times; centuple. a hundredfold. a number or quantity increased a hundredfold. verb (sɛnˈtjuːplɪˌkeɪt) (transitive) to increase 100 times adjective (sɛnˈtjuːplɪkɪt; -ˌkeɪt) increased a hundredfold noun (sɛnˈtjuːplɪkɪt; -ˌkeɪt) one hundredfold

  • Centuried

    existing for an indefinite number of centuries. very old; ancient. Historical Examples

  • Century

    a period of 100 years. one of the successive periods of 100 years reckoned forward or backward from a recognized chronological epoch, especially from the assumed date of the birth of Jesus. any group or collection of 100: a century of limericks. (in the ancient Roman army) a company, consisting of approximately 100 men. one […]

  • Centurion

    (in the ancient Roman army) the commander of a century. (initial capital letter) Military. any one of various British battle tanks in service from 1945 to 1967. Contemporary Examples Historical Examples noun the officer commanding a Roman century n. late 13c., from Latin centurionem (nominative centurio), “Roman army officer, head of a centuria” (a group […]

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