a drawing, design, or text incised into a wax surface.


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  • Cerography

    the process of writing or engraving on wax. noun the art of engraving on a waxed plate on which a printing surface is created by electrotyping

  • Ceroid lipofuscinosis

    ceroid lipofuscinosis ce·roid lipofuscinosis (sēr’oid’) n. See Spielmeyer-Vogt disease.

  • Ceromancy

    noun divination by use of melted wax dropped into water Word Origin Greek ceros ‘wax’ n. “divination by means of melted wax dripped in water” (the shapes supposedly previsioning a future spouse, etc.), 1650s, from French ceromancie, Medieval Latin ceromantia; see cere (n.) + -mancy.

  • Ceropegia

    any of various, usually climbing or trailing, plants of the genus Ceropegia, native to the Old World tropics and often cultivated as houseplants.

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