a person or thing that changes something.
record changer.
Obsolete. a moneychanger.

early 14c., agent noun from change (v.), or else from Old French changeour “money-changer, barterer,” from changier.


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  • Changeroom

    a room for use in changing one’s clothes.

  • Changes of raiment

    were reckoned among the treasures of rich men (Gen. 45:22; Judg. 14:12, 13; 2 Kings 5:22, 23).

  • Changing-bag

    a lightproof bag with openings made to fit closely around the arms, used in place of a darkroom in some photographic procedures.

  • Changing-note

    a melodic ornamental tone following a principal tone by a skip, usually of a third above or below, and progressing by a step. cambiata.

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