Chapter stop

any of several markers placed at intervals on a DVD film, enabling the viewer to find and select particular scenes


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  • Chaptered

    a main division of a book, treatise, or the like, usually bearing a number or title. a branch, usually restricted to a given locality, of a society, organization, fraternity, etc.: the Connecticut chapter of the American Red Cross. an important portion or division of anything: The atomic bomb opened a new chapter in history. Ecclesiastical. […]

  • Chapterhouse

    noun the building attached to a cathedral, collegiate church, or religious house in which the chapter meets (US) the meeting place of a college fraternity or sorority

  • Chaptrel

    a capital, as on a pilaster or vaulting shaft, engaged in masonry on one or more sides. a small capital.

  • Chapultepec

    a fortress and military school at the outskirts of Mexico City: captured by U.S. forces (1847) in the Mexican War; now a park.

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