a device that burns charcoal, as a stove or brazier.
a person employed in the manufacture of charcoal.
(formerly) a person whose work was making charcoal by burning wood


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  • Charcoal filter

    noun a filter using charcoal to absorb or strain out impurities

  • Charcoal-rot

    a disease of plants, especially sorghum, corn, etc., characterized by basal stem lesions and a black discoloration and dry rot of the internal tissues at the base of the stem and upper roots, caused by a fungus, Macrophomina phaseoli.

  • Charcot-leyden crystals

    Charcot-Leyden crystals Charcot-Ley·den crystals (-līd’n) pl.n. Crystals in the shape of elongated double pyramids, formed from eosinophils, found in the sputum in bronchial asthma and in the feces in some intestinal infections.

  • Charcot-marie-tooth disease

    Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (-tōōth’) n. See peroneal muscular atrophy.

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