[chek-uh-buh l] /ˈtʃɛk ə bəl/

capable of being , as by inquiry or verification:
The fact is checkable from available records.
(of money deposited in a bank) capable of being withdrawn by :
a checkable account.


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  • Checkback

    [chek-bak] /ˈtʃɛkˌbæk/ noun 1. a check or verification of a process, tabulation, etc., already completed.

  • Check-bit

    noun, Computers. 1. a binary digit used as part of a unit of information that is intended to indicate whether or not an error has occurred in the transmission or storage of the information.

  • Checkbook

    [chek-boo k] /ˈtʃɛkˌbʊk/ noun 1. a containing blank or orders on a bank.

  • Checkbook-journalism

    noun 1. the practice of paying for a news story or an interview, or for exclusive broadcasting or publishing rights.

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