a fear of coldness, being cold; also called cheimaphobia


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  • Cheiro-

    1. variant of : cheiromancy. combining form 1. a variant spelling of chiro- cheiro- or cheir- or chiro- or chir- pref. Hand: cheirospasm.

  • Cheirognostic

    cheirognostic chei·rog·nos·tic or chi·rog·nos·tic (kī’rəg-nŏs’tĭk) n. Able to recognize the hand, or to distinguish between right and left.

  • Cheirokinesthesia

    cheirokinesthesia chei·ro·kin·es·the·sia or chi·ro·kin·es·the·sia (kī’rō-kĭn’ĭs-thē’zhə, -kī’nĭs-) n. Subjective sensation of movement of the hands. chei’ro·kin’es·thet’ic (-thět’ĭk) adj.

  • Cheirology

    noun the use of the finger alphabet to communicate; also called chirology , dactylology Word Origin Greek cheiro ‘hand”

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