Chilean firebush

another name for embothrium


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  • Chilean-guava

    noun 1. a tropical shrub or small tree, Ugni molinae, of the myrtle family, having leathery, oval leaves, rose-pink flowers, and blue-black, edible fruit.

  • Chilean sea bass

    noun 1. another name for Patagonian toothfish

  • Chile-con-carne

    [chil-ee kon kahr-nee; Spanish chee-le kawn kahr-ne] /ˈtʃɪl i kɒn ˈkɑr ni; Spanish ˈtʃi lɛ kɔn ˈkɑr nɛ/ noun 1. .

  • Chile-bells

    [chil-ee-belz] /ˈtʃɪl iˌbɛlz/ noun, plural Chile-bells. (used with a singular or plural verb) 1. a vine, Lapageria rosea, native to Chile, having leathery evergreen leaves and showy reddish flowers: the national flower of Chile.

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