to cheat or defraud; also called chisel
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  • Chkalov

    [Russian chkah-luh f] /Russian ˈtʃkɑ ləf/ noun 1. former name of . /Russian ˈtʃkaləf/ noun 1. the former name (1938–57) of Orenburg

  • Chl

    crown-heel length

  • Chladni figure

    /ˈklɑːdnɪ/ noun 1. (physics) a pattern formed by fine powder placed on a vibrating surface, used to display the positions of nodes and antinodes

  • Chlamydate

    [klam-i-deyt] /ˈklæm ɪˌdeɪt/ adjective, Zoology. 1. having a mantle or pallium, as a mollusk. /ˈklæmɪˌdeɪt/ adjective 1. (of some molluscs) possessing a mantle

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