[kris-muh s-ber-ee] /ˈkrɪs məsˌbɛr i/

noun, plural Christmasberries.


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  • Christmas beetle

    noun 1. any of various greenish-gold Australian scarab beetles of the genus Anoplognathus, which are common in summer

  • Christmasberry-tree

    noun 1. . noun 1. a small Brazilian evergreen tree or shrub, Schinus terebinthifolius, of the cashew family, having inconspicuous white flowers and bright red fruit: the berries are used for Christmas decorations.

  • Christmas-cactus

    noun 1. a cactus, Schlumbergera bridgesii (or Zygocactus bridgesii), native to Brazil, having stems with leaflike segments and showy, purplish-red flowers, and often cultivated as a houseplant. noun 1. a Brazilian cactus, Schlumbergera (formerly Zygocactus) truncatus, widely cultivated as an ornamental for its showy red flowers noun succulent South American plant with red, pink, or […]

  • Christmas-card

    noun 1. a printed and often decorated card for mailing at Christmas to express good wishes. noun 1. a greeting card sent at Christmas

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