also cleche, “pierced through with a figure of the same kind,” from French cléché (17c.), from Latin *clavicatus “key-holed,” or clavicella “little key,” from clavis “key” (see slot (n.2)).


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    cleidal clei·dal or cli·dal (klīd’l) adj. Relating to the clavicle.

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    cleido- or cleid- or clido- or clid- pref. Clavicle; clavicular: cleidocranial.

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    [kluh-men-tey] /kləˈmɛn teɪ/ noun 1. Roberto Walker [roh-bair-toh] /roʊˈbɛər toʊ/ (Show IPA), 1934–72, U.S. baseball player, born in Puerto Rico.

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