[klohs-fis-tid] /ˈkloʊsˈfɪs tɪd/

stingy; miserly; tight.
very careful with money; mean


Unwilling to give; niggardly; stingy; close (1608+)


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  • Close-fitting

    [klohs-fit-ing] /ˈkloʊsˈfɪt ɪŋ/ adjective 1. (of a garment) fitting tightly or snugly to the body: A close-fitting jacket showed off her small waist.

  • Close-grained

    [klohs-greynd] /ˈkloʊsˈgreɪnd/ adjective 1. (of wood) fine in texture or having inconspicuous annual rings. /ˌkləʊsˈɡreɪnd/ adjective 1. (of wood) dense or compact in texture

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    [klohs] /kloʊs/ noun, Music. 1. harmony in which the voices, excluding the bass, occur within an octave or, sometimes, within the interval of a tenth. /kləʊs/ noun 1. a type of singing in which all the parts except the bass lie close together and are confined to the compass of a tenth

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