[kohst-land] /ˈkoʊstˌlænd/

along a ; seacoast.


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  • Coastline

    [kohst-lahyn] /ˈkoʊstˌlaɪn/ noun 1. the outline or contour of a ; shoreline. 2. the land and water lying adjacent to a shoreline. /ˈkəʊstˌlaɪn/ noun 1. the outline of a coast, esp when seen from the sea, or the land adjacent to it n. 1860, from coast (n.) + line (n.).

  • Coast-live-oak

    noun 1. .

  • Coast-pilot

    noun 1. Also called pilot. a manual published by a government for mariners, containing descriptions of coastal waters, harbor facilities, etc., for a specific area. 2. a pilot of coasting vessels.

  • Coast-range

    noun 1. a series of mountain ranges along the Pacific coast of North America, extending from Baja California to SE Alaska.

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