The practice of being a cocksman: In ”Mambo Mouth,” cocksmanship is portrayed as the only surviving romance in lives bereft of other dreams (1990s+)


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    [kok-spur] /ˈkɒkˌspɜr/ noun 1. a North American hawthorn, Crataegus crus-galli, having leathery, toothed leaves and red fruit, cultivated as a small ornamental tree. 2. a gaslight burner having three jets. /ˈkɒkˌspɜː/ noun 1. a spur on the leg of a cock 2. an annual grass, Echinochloa crus-galli, widely distributed in tropical and warm temperate regions […]

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    [kok-suhk-er] /ˈkɒkˌsʌk ər/ noun, Slang: Vulgar. 1. a person who performs fellatio. 2. a mean or contemptible person. n. 1890s, “one who does fellatio” (especially a male homosexual); 1920s as “contemptible person,” American English, from cock (n.1) in phallic sense + sucker (n.). Used curiously for aggressively obnoxious men; the ancients would have recoiled at […]

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    adjective Related Terms cop zs

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    [kok-shoo r, -shur] /ˈkɒkˈʃʊər, -ˈʃɜr/ adjective 1. perfectly or certain; completely confident in one’s own mind: She was cocksure that she was able to do the job better than anyone else. 2. too certain; overconfident: He was so cocksure he would win the election that he didn’t even bother to campaign. 3. Obsolete. perfectly secure […]

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